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Typographical errors, Pictures and inaccuracies

While we painstakingly make every effort to provide you with the most recent, accurate, and reliable information and images there may be times when information displayed may contain incomplete data, typographical errors, inaccuracies, or picture distortion due to system glitches and although unintentional, we apologize if this causes any inconvenience or disruption of your shopping experience. We appreciate if at any time you find any such error if you take a moment of your valuable time and let us know so we may correct it.  Signed Jewels for Less makes no warranties as to the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the information accessible via this website and we reserve the right to correct errors and update product information whenever needed. If such a situation occurs during the ordering process, we will make every attempt to contact you immediately prior to shipping whenever possible. For example, you may be purchasing a pair of earrings that state their measurements in inches instead of millimeters and we realize the error after you click to order them. If we ascertain the mistake prior to your payment or shipment of them, we will attempt to contact you with the correct measurements because we know that you, as an informed consumer, chose that item for all of its qualities and we take pride in achieving your complete satisfaction.



For each piece presented, we make an effort to photograph it in different angles and whenever possible modeled so that you may have an idea of its actual size and look. However, the colors we use and the capabilities of your computer, laptop or cellphone screen may affect the colors visible on your screen therefore it is nearly impossible to guarantee that your screen’s display will be accurate. It is good to know that since we stand behind each piece with a fourteen-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason whatsoever.


Technology Issues

While striving for excellence, there are things beyond our purview such as interrupted internet service to an area, computer and system glitches, viruses and system crashes for which we cannot be held liable for any damages related to your access of or inability to access this website.



We at Signed Jewels for Less reserve the right to cancel or refuse orders at any time if:

-Item contains incorrect pricing or item description

- If customer has in the past or is currently suspected of abusing return policy